Educational Measurement Solutions Pty Ltd (EMS) provides specialist data analysis support to organisations conducting large scale surveys and assessments in educational and psychological contexts.

Typical services involve data cleaning, data wrangling, analysis and reporting for projects which require the use of Item Response Modelling (IRM).

More information can be found in the about section or please contact us for further details.

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EMS was founded in 2004 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our preferred tools for day-to-day analysis work include and RStudio. Aside from our general data processing capabilities, we provide specialist support for educational measurement projects in areas such as instrument development and validation; complex sample designs; test equating; and student ability estimation. This includes the provision of software packages so clients can perform these tasks internally on their own. Our analysis is always conducted in a reproducible manner so that it can be independently replicated. Further details of some past EMS projects can be found here.

If you would like to find out more about educational measurement as it is applied in practice we recommend Educational Measurement for Applied Researchers (Wu, M., Tam, H. P. and Jen, T., 2016) (ISBN 978-981-10-3302-5). If access to the book is an issue there is also Applying the Rasch model to psycho-social measurement: A practical approach. (Wu, M. and Adams, R., 2007). These texts provide a good overview of the type of psychometric services we can provide.

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Mark Dulhunty

Mark has completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and obtained his Masters degree in Assessment and Evaluation at the University of Melbourne. He has experience in the sampling and psychometric analysis of large scale educational assessments and surveys.

Leanne Calvitto

Leanne obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Mathematics from RMIT University. She is an experienced data analyst who has been involved in psychometrics and educational measurement in various capacities since completing her undergraduate studies.

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Getting in touch

Please send us any queries you might have about your assessment, survey or research project. If your requirements happen to be outside our areas of specialisation we would be happy to recommend others who may be able to help.

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