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The following section contains a brief overview of some recent EMS projects. Materials can be downloaded from the links provided for those projects with results available in the public domain.

National Assessment Program Science Literacy (2006-2015)

Psychometric work in relation to the National Assessment Program: Science Literacy, including sampling, equating, test design, scaling of item responses, and the preparation of a report of findings and a database of results.

NAPSL 2012 Public report
NAPSL 2009 Public report
NAPSL 2006 Public report
NAPSL 2012 Technical report
NAPSL 2009 Technical report
NAPSL 2006 Technical report

Expectations and Destinations of NSW Senior Secondary Students (2013)

Computer assisted telephone interviews were used to collect information from a sample of NSW senior secondary students and their parents for this government funded study. Teachers at the same schools as sampled students also completed an online survey. EMS involvement, as a subcontractor to the University of Melbourne, included sample design, calculation of sample weights, data analysis and preparation of a technical report.

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) (2008-2014)

EMS has been involved annually in NAPLAN since the introduction of the assessment program in 2008 including sampling of schools and students for the central analysis of data (2012-2014), psychometric analysis and review of trial test items (2012-2014), data processing and reporting of student results to students and schools on behalf of Test Administration Authorities (Curriculum Corporation (2008), Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (2008, 2009)).

Mapping Adult Literacy Frameworks (2012)

In collaboration with Victoria University and NCVER, EMS empirically aligned the Australian Core Skills Framework to the international Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey using survey methodologies and Item Response Theory.

NCVER report
Technical report

Social profile reports (2012)

A data aggregation, analysis and reporting project which utilised multiple sources of public domain data and statistics to develop social profiles by administrative regions for a state-wide non-profit organisation in collaboration with Hamden Services.

Integrated Item Bank and Test Production software (2011-2012)

Developed software to store test questions and automatically generate administration-ready written assessments which meet agreed specifications for the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board.

Empirical Validation of the Strengthened Australian Qualifications Framework (2010)

As part of a consortium led by Victoria University, EMS conducted research to empirically validate the proposed strengthened Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

AQF Overview report
Technical report
Technical report appendices