Educational Measurement Solutions

EMS Staff

Mark Dulhunty

Mark Dulhunty MAssessEval Melb, BSc Melb

Mark has completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and obtained his Masters degree in Assessment and Evaluation at the University of Melbourne. He has expertise in the psychometric analysis of surveys and tests. Since 2001 he has been responsible for the sampling, data analysis and reporting components of numerous large scale educational assessments and surveys.

Leanne Calvitto

Leanne Calvitto Grad Dip in Computing RMIT, BAppSc(Hons) RMIT

Leanne obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Mathematics from RMIT University. She is an experienced data analyst who has been involved in psychometrics and educational measurement in various capacities since completing her undergraduate studies in 2001. Leanne specialises in the online delivery of surveys and tests.

EMS Associates

Shelley Gillis

Associate Professor Shelley Gillis PhD Melb, GradDip Applied Psych Swinburne, BBSc LaTrobe

Associate Professor Shelley Gillis is a leading researcher in vocational assessment at the University of Melbourne. She advises national and international agencies on competency based assessment processes and systems.

EMS works with Shelley on a project by project basis especially those related to assessment frameworks or competency based assessment.

Margaret Wu

Professor Margaret Wu PhD Melb, MEd Melb, BSc(Hons) Melb

Professor Margaret Wu has a background in Educational Measurement and Statistics. She has worked as a statistician and a psychometrician for many years.

Margaret wound down her involvement in day-to-day operations at EMS in 2012 to concentrate on the development of Item Response Theory (IRT) learning materials and open source software. See the EMS learning corner for more information...