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Nov 2012 Update

At this time we are not able to offer Applying the Rasch model to psycho-social measurement: A practical approach. (Wu, M. and Adams, R., 2007) as some parts of this document have now been incorporated into a book for publication. More information about the forthcoming Item Response Theory (IRT) book, authored by Margaret Wu, will be posted here in due course. At this stage, the expected publication date is December 2013. In the meantime, if you have questions related to IRT please contact us and we will endeavour to respond to your query.

New Item Response Theory (IRT) open source software

A new software package for Item Response Theory analysis developed by Thomas Kiefer, Alex Robitzsch and Margaret Wu is now available. Titled TAM (Test Analysis Modules), the software is a freely available open source package for use with R. To download the latest development version, please visit

Statistical Reports

Interpreting assessment results

If you've ever asked yourself things like 'How accurate is a test containing only 40 questions?' then this paper might be of interest. Interpreting NAPLAN Results for the Layperson attempts to provide a non-technical guide for those interested in NAPLAN results and their appropriate use.

Issues in large scale assessments and surveys

Issues in Large-scale Assessments is a more technical paper that considers various issues associated with large scale assessment programs especially those concerned with the measurement of latent traits, measuring change over time and those involving the use of samples.

Publicly available project reports

Mapping Measures of Adult Literacy NCVER, 2013

NCVER report
technical report

National Assessment Program - Science Literacy ACARA

2009 public report
2009 technical report
2006 public report
2006 technical report

Empirical Validation of the Australian Qualifications Framework AQF Council

overview report
technical report
technical report appendices

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