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Open Source IRT package TAM - Test Analysis Modules

data analysis

A new freely available open source package for the estimation of Item Response Models is now available. TAM (which stands for Test Analysis Modules) was developed by Alex Robitzsch, Thomas Kiefer and Margaret Wu. To get started, check out the TAM tutorials.

Applying the Rasch model in practice

reference books

We continue to receive requests for the publication Applying the Rasch model to psycho-social measurement: A practical approach. (Wu, M. and Adams, R., 2007). The document was removed from this site in 2012 as some chapters were considered for use in a forthcoming Item Response Theory book authored by Margaret Wu. We are pleased to announce that as of July 2014 we are able to provide this resource once again to users free of charge. It can be downloaded here. For academic publications, the reference is: Wu, M. and Adams, R. (2007). Applying the Rasch model to psycho-social measurement: A practical approach. Melbourne, Australia: Educational Measurement Solutions.

Statistical Reports

Interpreting assessment results

Interpreting NAPLAN Results for the Layperson attempts to provide a non-technical guide for those interested in NAPLAN results and their appropriate use.

Issues in large scale assessments and surveys

Issues in Large-scale Assessments is a more technical paper that considers various issues associated with large scale assessment programs especially those concerned with the measurement of latent traits, measuring change over time and those involving the use of samples.

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